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german inflation

On Friday, Germany reported the highest number of new COVID cases since April 8th, which was near the middle of the “first wave”.

Last week, the number of new cases has increased dramatically, well over 50% in less than 7 days.

Germany has not yet reached the situation of its neighbors like France and Belgium. These had recently reported cases vastly higher than the first peak. Austria might have been included in that list had it not been for a methodological quirk in their reporting.

With Germany not yet reaching the second “peak”, uncertainty remains about further shutdowns. How much of an effect all of this will have on the economy also remains to be seen.

Major industry has had the time to prepare safety measures. And most analysts agree that we will likely not see closures.

However, concern remains from weakened demand if a second round of lockdowns is implemented.

While authorities have tried to reassure the markets that restrictions are unlikely, thatR...

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