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The commentary regarding Brexit has varied dramatically over recent weeks, depending on where you obtain your news. Arguably, the most accurate and unbiased coverage, comes from the financial media, where they have no axe to grind politically. It’s the economics that’s at the forefront of the opinion formers who write for: Reuters, Bloomberg and the F.T. and not political bias.

Whereas, in the U.K. mainstream media, the coverage and opinion varies wildly, dependent on the political allegiances of the publication. The contrast, between the reporting at, for example, Bloomberg, versus the various popular U.K. news outlets on the subject of Brexit, is poles apart. On Thursday that comparison was starkly illustrated.

After her meeting with various E.U. leaders, Bloomberg reported that Mrs. May came away with nothing new, she accomplished zero. However, in the U.K. news outlets they described her as beginning to wear down the E.U. to obtain concessions. Perhaps this dichotomy caused GBP/USD...

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