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usa cpi

This weekend is bracketed by two major monthly data releases which are expected to get extra attention this time around: On Friday we have the release of the Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index and on Monday US Retail Sales data. One of the more important, if somewhat slightly superficial, reasons, why traders are going to have more than an eye on this data, is because of the recent selloff in US equities which is garnering a lot of headlines. Also, Friday sees the start of third-quarter earnings season with three major US banks reporting ahead of the session open.


What’s going on?

While there are a lot of factors that come into play with the US economy, obviously, there are two significant issues that are troubling for the markets, and this data is expected to give some insight into how they are impacting the economy.

US-China trade issue: US companies have been expressing concern over the increasing cost of raw materials due to the ongoing escalation in trade tariffs between the...

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