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frugal four

Further Pressure Mounts on Trump

The end of Friday’s session saw the US Index close below 96.

Heightened speculation remains that more lockdowns are likely as fresh COVID-19 cases broke to new records of 64,000 on Sunday. Texas, Florida, and California have continued to experience a consistent uptick in virus cases.

The US President is facing continuous pressure regarding funding for testing equipment as laboratories struggle to keep up with increasing demand. With unemployment lagging, uncertainty may linger.

EU Talks Still at a Stalemate

EURUSD reached a 4-month high last week thanks to optimism surrounding the EU’s recovery fund.

After three days of debates, however, the bickering over the plan continues.

The “frugal four” still believe that the grant proposals are too large at €450bn, offering €350bn instead. Germany, France, and Italy are resisting, which is weighing on sentiment.

Brexit Negotiations Return Amid Uncertainty

The pound ended 80 pips lower against the greenback last...

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