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us durable goods

Yesterday’s Flash PMIs for September marginally disappointed analysts, lending credence to worries that there might be a slowing in the pace of the recovery.

The figures also affirmed a trend among developed nations, with manufacturing surveys outperforming expectations while services missed.

The explanation seems logical at first.

The retail sector is most affected by COVID. But that is also being taken into account by analysts.

The implication is that forecasts for economic growth for this year might be overestimating how much recovery there will be in the service sector.

On the plus side, the industry remains resilient despite the pandemic. And we ought to see that reflected in the durable goods orders.

The Swoosh is On

The drop in the stocks at the start of the week showed that the recovery is still subject to revaluations.

A Bloomberg article early on Tuesday issued a warning sign, showing a record outflow of funds from the market during the latest correction.

This, very oft...

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