Copy trading is the a strategy wih involves copying the trading moves from other (professional) traders. Social trading is a growing phenomenon without borders. A merging of traditional forex trading with the success of social media networking

What is copy trading?

Since a couple of years a new phenomenon is seen in the global investing scene and still gaining populairity: copy trading, also referred to as forex copier.

What exactly is copy trading? Where can one practise that? In this blog post these questions will be answered.

Forex Social Trading

Copy trading is actually a part of social trading. Over the last few years social media have become more and more important, think of facebook and twitter, and social trading thanks its origin to this social media. Social trading is nothing less than sharing investment information with your friends and other contacts. Several internet brokers jumped in that gap and provide us with Forex Trade Copier Software in which we can communicate in a tradingcommunity to discuss and learn from each other.


What Does Trade Book Mean?

A trade book is a digital index in which you can follow the traders you want. Zulutrade offers this kind of trade book and lets you copy the trades they make: copy trading. The word speaks for itself: copying a trade.

Currently it is possible to copy more than one trade from more than one trader in your account, using only a cfd-broker, immediately and/or automatically. You can even choose wich trader you would like to copy trade and with what amount of money you wish to do that. The broker delivers you the information about the trader, so you can see the trader’s result over a certain period of time.

In this way you can always determine what trader fits you loss/profit ratio. I reccommend that you choose at least 4 to 5 traders to follow and to copy trade, so you can spread the risk.

Forex Copy Trading

The big advantage is that the broker copies the trades the trader makes to you account and doesn’t copy your information (money, trades, etc) to another one without your permission. You can stay anonymous and if you are not satisfied with the trader you are copying you can unfollow hum/her and pick another trader.

ForexCopy Trades benefits

What are the benefits of copy trading?

  • You don’t have to be a professional trader yourself.
  • You can learn from the best traders in the world.
  • Limit the risk of losing money by following more than one trader.
  • Traders can make money when stock go up AND down.

Traders can make money when stocks go up or down. Even banks and retiremend funds use the system of “going short” to make money, and now a beginner like you can use this system.

Where to copy trading?

Because of the multiplatform software, Zulutrade is one of the Best Forex Trading Platforms and MT4i Trade Copier  for social trading. They support over 20 brokers worldwide and allow you to copy the trades to your account for free. Check their site here.

To learn more about Zulutrade follow these links:


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