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fomc meeting

There is increased market chatter that the release of the FOMC’s minutes for their July meeting might set the ground for future policy changes.

The results of the meeting were uneventful. However, there is speculation that the members discussed a series of potential measures that could be implemented as early as the next meeting.

Since the last policy decision, members have hinted during their speeches that there is still ongoing debate over what to do now that the economy is in what appears to be recovery mode.

Analysts and traders are going to want to know what members discussed, and what their views are on the policies,. That way, the can gauge what we might expect during the September 15-16 meeting.

The Trajectory

Following their last meeting, Chairman Powell was extra cautious about the outlook.

However, we have to remember that at the time, COVID cases were still on the rise. States were still looking to slow or reverse economic reopening.

Since then, the virus numbers have...

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