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Cambridge Analytica Collected Data On 50 Million Facebook Profiles

Shares in social media giant Facebook are now down over 40% since last Friday in response to reports that British data analytics company Cambridge Analytica had gained access to private data from over 50 million Facebook profiles. The group is being accused of using the data to promote “fake news” which is said to have had a significant influence on the outcome of the 2016 Brexit vote and Presidential elections.  As well as illegal data use, the firm is being investigated on accusations of psychological manipulation and entrapment methods.

The revelation was aired during a UK news broadcast during which showed Cambridge analytica CEO Alexander Nix, caught on camera suggesting that the group could use strategically use sex workers alongside bribes and misinformation (fake news) to sway political favour around the world.

The investigation by Channel 4 news, in the UK, came on the back of articles published by both the New...

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