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Yesterday, Trump’s latest nominee for the US Supreme Court was voted out of the Senate Committee along party lines.

The nominee will now be voted on by the full Senate before October 26th according to the most recent schedule.

The event is significant mostly for political reasons but could have an impact on the election. And consequently, the markets.

Generally, the Supreme Court isn’t a market mover, except in some narrow instances.

For example, in legislation that involves a specific company, a ruling from the court could drive their share price.

But, the Court’s rulings more often than not have to do with legal wrangling that impacts the nation’s legal system, politics, and social norms. So what’s different now?

Upcoming Potentially Major Events

Amy Coney Barrett (or ACB) was nominated to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg after her death.

The process has been controversial, to say the least. But that’s not a matter for the markets.

The issue at hand is ...

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