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Eurozone GDP

The eurozone will be releasing its second revised estimates on the gross domestic product data. The report covers the economic performance for the third quarter ending September.

This will be the second revision to the GDP. The eurozone’s preliminary GDP estimates were first released on October 31st. The region’s GDP was rose by 0.2% during the three month period.

It was a surprise as economists forecast that growth would slow to a pace of just 0.1%.

The pace of growth in the third quarter was the same as it was in the second-quarter period. On a year over year basis, the eurozone’s annual GDP growth rate is 1.3%.

Euro area GDP
Euro area GDP Growth

The second revision of the GDP figures will not bring up much excitement. No changes are forecast as economists expect that the quarterly growth rate will be steady at 0.2%.

The eurozone’s economy has been in a downward spiral since the start of this year. There were signs of a slowdown already from late last year. But, for the most part, officials brushe...

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