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How Much Lower Can the Buck Go?

The US index fell further towards the 92 handle on Tuesday, as it closed 0.11% down.

October’s retail sales fell short of market forecasts, coming in at a disappointing 0.3% which was a world away from the 1.6% surge in September.

Attentions now turn to the next possible Covid-19 vaccine, with China’s Sinovac vaccine being the next to hit the headlines.

The Trump campaign hit another hurdle as the Pennsylvania Supreme Court declared there were no wrongdoings in the Philadelphia vote count.

In addition, the president sacked his cybersecurity boss for telling him that the election was not rigged.

Euro Flirts With 1.19

The euro edged 0.10% higher yesterday as it achieved a fourth consecutive day of gains, on the back of weak US retail sales.

This is despite the eurozone being on track for its first double-dip recession in nearly a decade, as the second wave tightens its grip over the continent.

As downside risks continue to materialize and the health situat...

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