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euro sinks

The latest German growth figures showed that economic activity in the Eurozone’s largest economy was flat in the final quarter of 2019. The 0% reading on Friday was below the forecast 0.1% reading. This means that German growth rose by just 0.6% over the year as a whole.

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German Exports Down

The German economy suffered as a result of a combination of factors over the year to see a dramatic reduction in the German exporting engine. High levels of global uncertainty linked to the US/China trade war as well as the global slowdown meant that the German industrial sector, headlined by German auto-exporters, was notably weaker over the year.

While the data is dismal, Germany did at least avoid falling into contractionary territory over the final quarter of the year. While household and government consumption was down, along with exports, investment growth in construction and fixed assets helped mitigate the downside and avoid a dip into ...

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