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Face-to-Face Talks Begin

A string of video meetings during lockdown seemed to do little to achieve progress on trade talks. As such, face-to-face trade talks began this week.

A UK delegation of negotiators attended talks with EU leaders in Brussels this week. The talks are due to alternate between there and London on a monthly basis, through to the summer break in August.

UK Pushing for July Deal Outline

Britain is pushing for an agreement on the outline of a deal by the end of next month.

Earlier in the year, the UK PM had expressed demand for it to be established by the end of this month. However, in light of the virus, which Johnson himself contracted, the UK is now extending the deadline to next month.

Johnson has warned that, should the new deadline fail to be met, the UK is prepared to walk away from the talks.

The PM wants this outline in place to allow for refining and fine-tuning over the summer. That way, the deal is prepared ahead of the European Council Summit in October, r...

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