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eu summit

The EU Summit usually provides some opportunities for the euro and the pound to make some sudden moves.

So, for traders, it’s a good idea to know what subjects are going to be dealt with.

Typically, leaders will talk to the press going into the meeting, going out, and will even pop out of the meeting to make an announcement.

So, all through the period, we need to be aware of the possibility of announcements on these subjects:

Finally something on Brexit?

The European Council meeting is a key component of the Brexit negotiations (as opposed to the European Commission) because it’s the meeting of the leaders of the member states.

If a Brexit deal comes about, then all the member states have to vote on the withdrawal.

On Monday, a modification of the procedure for Brexit was brought up. This would forgo the final step of the withdrawal agreement requiring member states’ parliaments to vote on the deal.

The new version is that the deal could get unanimous approval from th...

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