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Deal Not Done Yet

Risk markets have recovered today following some jitters seen across yesterday’s session.

These came in response to reports that the US-China trade deal might not be as “done” as comments have suggested.

Reuters ran a story yesterday reporting White House officials as saying that while negotiations are continuing between the US and China, the deal might not necessarily be ready in time for Trump and Xi to sign it at the upcoming APEC meeting in November.

The White House official told reporters:

“If it’s not signed in Chile, that doesn’t mean that it falls apart. It just means that it’s not ready. Our goal is to sign it in Chile. But sometimes texts aren’t ready. But good progress is being made and we expect to sign the agreement in Chile”.

The official was keen to stress that the aim remains to have the deal signed in Chile. However, as of yet, the date is still fluid and could move back if the deal is not finished.

US & China Have An Understanding

However, the m...

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