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As we see over our previous chart and as we advised in the last 2 weeks

Dow managed to break above 25250 which activated another advance wave as we advised before where managed to hit first target 25400 while still looking toward second target 25800

Above 25820 this wave may continue toward our Old Short-Run target 26100-200

While if market failed to break above 25820 another drop correction wave may hit market from there toward 25400 and 25200

Dow managed again to re-test our support zone 25100-200 which may again provide another advance wave toward 25300 and 25600

Below 25100 a chamnce for farther drop toward 24600-700 zone may hit the market

  Support Resistance
Level 1 25100 25300
Level 2 24925 25380
Level 3 24800 25600

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