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Day trading and swing trading are two strategies worlds apart. Know the difference, and don’t assume it’s just a matter of trading frequency and time.

Every trade or investment is based on the same precept: buy low and sell high. That’s the one thing that ties together day trading, swing trading, and long-term position trading. But aside from this one precept, each style has enough differences that a trader specializing in one might find himself completely unfamiliar with the other.

But how different can it be, really? Isn’t it just a matter of ramping up your trading frequency, going for shorter profit targets, and limiting or expanding your trading duration? Yes, it is. And by virtue of those three things, day trading is a completely different practice from swing trading.

If you’ve tried both, you probably know that day trading isn’t swing trading sped up, and swing trading isn’t day trading slowed down. If you switch domains without changing your approach, you might fail to maximize...

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