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The CAD has shown the worst performance against the USD lately, resulting in a small recovery after the strong trend in the USDCAD .

The CAD strength is also visible when looking at the EUR. Whereas the EURCAD hasn’t moved at all, the EURNZD rallied higher significantly – the CAD is keeping the EURCAD from making a move and it’s holding against the EUR.

The GBPUSD hit a strong resistance and is turning (for now). The GBPUSD was the best mover previously – hence it is at the top of the currency strength, but it is losing ground.

The Aussie is holding against the USD and the AUDUSD is fighting off the support and trying to stay above it. So far, it is still pulling away from the previous spike.

The EUR is back below 1.15 which could mean that the breakout has failed.

The USD short breakout doesn’t seem that likely anymore as well, but as long as 95.7 holds, it is not completely off the table. The USDX is retesting previous support a resistance now.


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