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Risk Assets

USD Trades Lower Again

The US dollar has continued to trade lower into the middle of the week as the correction down from the 99.82 highs develops further. With fears over the ongoing coronavirus outbreak in the US, the greenback has started to come back under pressure, falling alongside equities prices which have also been trading lower over the week. The USD index trades 98.97 last.

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Euro Recovery Continues

EURUSD has been a little firmer over the European session so far on Wednesday. The weakness in USD this week has allowed the EUR correction to advance further with price trading up to 1.0884 last off last week’s 1.0831 lows. With little in the way of data, flows remain very much linked to USD and for now, the current move is still corrective and vulnerable to a reversal.

GBP Lower on Trade Talk Uncertainty

GBPUSD has been heavily lower today as concerns ahead of the start of UK/EU trade talks next week...

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