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Coronavirus Death

Largest Daily Rise in Virus Cases

The outbreak of coronavirus (officially named Covid-19 this week) is still very much a high-level threat globally. As of yesterday, over 43,000 people in China are confirmed to have the virus. The death toll there has also risen over 1000. On Monday, China noted its largest one-day spike in new cases, which soared by just under 2,500 cases. Along with the spike in cases, the death toll also saw its biggest increase with 108 new death reported.

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The dramatic increase reflects that the virus is still developing in line with the WHO saying that China is still in the midst of an “intense outbreak” of the virus. The outbreak continues to develop around the world. The UK has confirmed fresh cases of the virus. The island of Majorca, a more remote place also has a confirmed case.

Cruise Ships in Quarantine

Cases of the virus have also been confirmed on cruise ships which is causing severe disruption to ma...

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