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China Facing Tariff

US-China trade negotiations are quickly approaching a critical phase. On December 15th, the US is due to go live with the next round of 15% tariffs on $156 billion of Chinese goods.

Shortly after the phase-one trade deal was first agreed upon back at the October 10th meeting, the US warned China that if a deal was not in place by this date, it would push ahead with the tariffs.

Equally, the US advised that they could avoid these next tariffs if they manage to sign a deal.

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One Week Until Tariffs Deadline

Just one week out from this date, the US and China have still yet to sign off on the phase-one trade deal.

The deal was originally due to be signed at the Chilean APEC meeting in mid-November. However, due to social unrest in Chile, the meeting was canceled. This left the trade deal without a signing venue.

Following the meeting, the trade talks seemed to be in limbo....

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