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china economy q3 gdp

Of all the major countries, China is likely to be the only one to register positive GDP growth this year. Even though many nations are revising upwards their projections, they are still broadly in the negative.

Coming up we have a first look at Chinese Q3 GDP figures, which are likely to be the headline for the markets to start off next week. Other major data coming out at the same time includes Industrial Production and Retail Sales figures. A press conference by the NBS will follow. We expect their outlook for the rest of the year to be given.

We expect the Asian markets to be busy Monday morning. The question is whether that momentum will carry through to the rest of the markets.

In his most recent speech, President Xi reiterated China’s intention to move towards more reliance on its domestic market. This comes at a time when China is restricting imports, notably from Australia.

At the same time, they are accused of not meeting the commitments of buying agricultural products f...

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