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China: Trump is a Hypocrite

Relations between the US and China seem set to deteriorate further.

This week, Chinese officials criticized President Trump over his handling of the Black Lives Matter protests across the US.

Protests and riots have gripped the United States, spanning over 140 cities across seven consecutive days now.

The movements sprung up in the wake of the police murder of unarmed black man George Floyd last week.

Beijing has accused trump of hypocrisy over his aggressive handling of US protestors; this following his support of pro-democracy protestors in Hong Kong last year.

Trump, at the time, was highly vocal in opposition to Chinese police brutality against protestors. In fact, he supported a bill that passed through congress establishing US support for the rights of the protestors.

Now, six months down the line, China is accusing Trump of fanning the flames of violence and hatred in his response to the domestic protests unfolding across the country.

Trump Criticised...

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