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China has called on America to cease what it calls the “daydream” of Chinese reparations or compensation over its alleged role in the COVID-19 outbreak.

Tensions between the US and China have been ratcheting higher over recent weeks. The US continues to apply pressure on China, calling for an investigation into how the virus started.

US Aggression Against China Rising

The US claims that China is responsible for manufacturing the virus, which both Trump and secretary of state Mike Pompeo claim they have seen evidence of.

China denies this accusation vehemently, insisting that the outbreak was an accident and occurred naturally. However, the US remains unconvinced.

In fact, the Trump administration has threatened to apply financial penalties against China. It claims that it should be compensated for the economic damage suffered as a result of the virus which originated in China.

Stop Wasting Time

China last week pledged $2billion towards the global effort to combat the virus.

However, sp...

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