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Last week, new coronavirus cases in Germany averaged over 1,000 per day, marking the highest number since April 24. The steady growth has coincided with other countries across Europe in the middle of vacation season.

Following a meeting with French President Macron on Thursday, German Chancellor Merkel affirmed a commitment to keep borders open but stressed the need for political collaboration.

After the imposition of certain business closures in Spain and Italy, some analysts interpreted Merkel’s comments as an indication that Europe will prioritize targeted business closures to halt the spread of the virus.

Stock markets across the shared economy have been under pressure all week. Investors are weighing the possibility of further economic fallout if the number of cases is not brought under control soon.

The Data

We get an early start tomorrow with the release of the final German Q2 GDP just before the market opens.

Usually, it doesn’t cause a significant move in the marke...

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