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Trading is without doubt an endeavour you need confidence to face. Having confidence is a fuel when you are in need. It clears obstacles when you face them and provides focus which is essential. Confidence will accelerate your learning curve.
On the flip side, lacking confidence can be one of the most destructive traits for a trader’s mindset. When losses come, how will you re-bound and focus? What happens if you start your day with two, three, or four losses? Will you doubt your system, trading plan or skill set?
Everybody knows that lack of confidence is destructive while having confidence gives us a greater chance for success. Although we know this conceptually or intellectually, very often our actions tell a different story.
So how do we build confidence in trading? What can we do to create an unshakable belief in our abilities? If we engage in specific things, will they help us form a foundation to profit consistently?
The answer is yes. You can without doubt build confidence in y...

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