Brexit Talks Begin and Market Braces for Uncertainty

Official talks between the United Kingdom and Europe over Brexit plans have begun. But instead of negotiating from a position of strength, Theresa May’s Conservatives found themselves on the backfoot after a disastrous el

Several reports have indicated that Prime Minister May is being pressured to ditch her “h

ection just a few weeks earlier.

Is it time to ditch hard Brexit plans?

ard Brexit” plans. One senior Conservative Member of Parliament told The Independent: “She needs to go on in a far more consensual manner if she is going to get anything through.”

“The DUP are not even locked in yet. No one knows if she has the numbers to win all the votes that will be needed. Some people have realised that, others haven’t. Soon everyone will,” the MP added.[1]

The Conservative party failed to lock down a majority at the 8 June election – a disastrous outcome for the prime minister, who called an early vote to shore up her legitimacy and bu...

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