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COVID-19 Death Toll Rising

It will take some time before we find out just how far the impact of the Wuhan virus has stretched, and how much it has affected the world in terms of numbers.

However, as things stand currently, the international community is on high alert. In Dubai for example, schools will be closed for a whole month. But is this reaction justified, or is it a step too far?

Without getting into that detail, the point raised is that the coronavirus is real. And it is making its presence felt throughout the entire world.

The death toll in Italy is increasing and the Washington Post keeps reporting larger numbers of confirmed deaths in the US.

To say that people around the world are fearing that the worst is yet to come would be an understatement.

Investors have kept an eye on the performance of global equities following the outbreak. However, they remain concerned as the risks of a recession continue to increase.

Global Central Banks to the Rescue

Was it the right time for ...

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