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Muted QE Weighs in on the Greenback

A tough day on wall street ensued as another slide in the technology sector helped pull indices lower.

The ripple effects of the recent FOMC meeting were still filtering through as no further signs of fiscal stimulus were evident.

All three major indices fell over 1% in the worst trading session in a week.

The US Index was initially buoyed in the early session on Thursday as US jobless claims declined from the previous month.

However, this could not stop the index closing 0.29% lower as weak housing data dragged levels below the 93 handle.  

ECB Adds Another Round of Relief

The euro ended 0.28% higher yesterday but fell short of another attempt at the 1.19 area.

The ECB confirmed the easing of regulations for major eurozone banks which will free up as much as €73bn of capital. This is a further attempt to boost lending and prevent the pandemic from halting economic progression.

Brexit Divorce Does Not have to Turn Ugly

The pound ended the sessi...

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