Bloombex Options review
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Bloombex Options is a broker that offers a trading service on the high tech Spotoption 2.0 platform. This means that Bloombex Options offers a wide selection of trade options and methods such as Up/Down, 60 Seconds, Pairs and more.

Their comprehensive offering caters to the different trading abilities, needs and preferences of traders worldwide.



Bloombex Options is a binary options broker. Traders enjoy a user friendly binary options trading platform. Sign up now and get up to 100% bonus.

In 2005 Bloombex Options was founded by two former traders in association with an investment fund in Kuwait. Thanks to this investment fund the traders signed up with Bloombex Options  the funds are protected with the most stringent standards.

Bloombex Options Review

London, Paris, Frankfurt, Moscow, Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong. Not a random selection of cities, this list represents the biggest global economic capitals from where the Bloombex Options staff learned the financial market and where they have established their name and business.

Bloombex Options Features Overview

Platform SpotOption
Minimum Deposit USD300, EUR300, GBP300 or AUD300
Trading Currency USD, GBP, EUR or AUD
Minimum Trade Size USD20 for regular and other options, USD10 for 60 seconds
Available Assets 110
Payout Rate Up to 85%
Special Options Payout Rate Up to 500%
Regulated In Process
Demo Account No
US Traders Accepted Yes
Customer Service Live chat, email and phone
Supported Languages English, French, Turkish, German, Arabic and Russian

The Unique Selling Points for Bloombex Options are:

  • Special promotions and bonuses
  • Over 100 assets to choose from
  • Largest variety of trade options
  • Wide selection of expiry times
  • Simple deposit and withdrawal policies
  • Islamic trading account (Sharia Law)


  • Multi-Lingual Customer Support – 24/7!
  • Multi-Lingual Live Chat
  • Personalized Account Management


  • Daily Market Review provided by in-house expert analysts
  • Live financial news and Reuters rates


  • eBooks
  • Trading Strategies
  • Courses
  • Video Tutorials

Bloombex Options is NOT regulated in the European Union by CySEC in Cyprus.

Bloombex Options Account Types

Binary options interactive brokers don’t often offer a wide range of different trading accounts. Bloombex Options offers the sane account for every type of trader, ranging from the beginner traders to the professional traders. Islamic binary options trading is also possible with Bloombex Options. You have to openen an account here and contact support to edit the interest rate in accordance with the Sharia Law.

Bloombex Options Trading Platform: Bloombex Trade Arena

The Bloombex Options trading platform is called the Trading Arena. Every tradable type of option is available here in an easy to read grid. You can choose from no less than 9 binary option types! We have not yet seen that before.

Binary Options 

This part of the platform is more commonly known as the Binary Option trading. Simply choose an asset available from the drop down menu and a range of empires. Determine whether the option rate will go up or down in the given timeframe and enter an investment amount.

On the bottom of the trading platform dashboard site you are able to follow the status of the open positions easily.


Still looking for more thrills in your life? Start trading pairs! Pair trading is very common in the forex trading business (EUR/USD) and can also be used in normal stocks. You are trading two options against the other and forecast how they will perform: which underlying asset will perform better? Pay outs up to 80%

Long Term Options

As the name already suggests, this type of trading binary options is going against all we know about this topic. Where binary options are almost always expiring in maximum one month, Bloombex Options are breaking the habits by offering an expiry time up to 6 MONTHS!

60 Seconds Platform

Volatile markets are perfect habits for traders with the 60 second binary options platform. Not taking your eyes off the charts for a while could make you predict the rate of an asset over a short-term (minutes) using the Japanese candlestick indicator for instance. Payouts up to 70% (EUR/USD), which is not so high compared to other brokers promising 85%.

One Touch Platform

Not unique in the binary options trading industry, but still a feature which should be standard in a broker’s portfolio, the one touch option trading platform. Offering up to 500% pay out (NASDAQ) when the position ends in the money after expiring, a single trade could be able to turn $10 into $500 in no time.

Ladder Options

Getting more and more well known are the ladder options which can provide extreme high payouts. When you are the very best in predicting the market movement in short time frames, ladder options offer up to 1500% payouts!

For more information about Ladder Options, please read our special article here: What are ladder options? (new window).

Forex (FX / CFD)

Take little risk in trading forex with Bloombex Options. Enter an amount like $25 and decide when you want to get out the position. Enter a limit (take profit) of for example $100. When the profit rate hits $100 your positionis closed and the money added to the balance. This is ideal for traders who ‘know’ the rate of the EUR/USD will rise but don’t want to keep an eye on it. Sleep tight and just wait for the position to end in the money (or out, when the prediction was wrong).

Bloombex Follow

This one has been around for a while now. With the Bloombex Follow you can copytrade other binary option traders from around the world. You can set the period (say one week) and the invested amount per trade (say $25) and the limit you wish to invest (say $100).

Now, every time the copied trader opens an account, the bloombex options platform will automatically copy the trader’s position to your account and open it with the amount you entered. This is an insurance for you. When the trader invests $1000 in a single trade, your investment is the entered $25.

The investment limit means this: the maximum limit of $100 means that there are max. 4 positions of $25 opened at once. The platform won’t open more positions once the sum of the opened is $100. When one closes, there is budget for a new opening position. This works for the period you have set in the beginning.

Standard, the platform shows the best traders for all assets. You can select a certain asset.

When you click ‘Cross-asset Trader’ a popdown menu is visible. You can choose your favorite asset like the EUR/USD currency pair or just Oil. The best and most profitable binary option traders will become visible and you can choose who you want to copy. Also check the image below.

Attention: minimize risk and keep the period and the amounts of investment low. How well the trader is doesnt matter, revenues from the past are no guarantee for tomorrows profit.



When you are trading the common stock market, you can set a limit order price. Now, binary options also support that!!

Say the Brent Oil price is currently $45. You think the price will go down, but not after a short up-spike and wish to buy at $47.  The limit order lets you pick the rate, in our example $47, and executes the order when this rate is hit.

Again, there are multiple assets to trade. Multiple expiry times. And you can enter almost any amount to invest.


  • Web-based, no downloading necessary
  • Simple trading – easy to understand with clear explanations
  • Diverse products
  • User friendly trading experience
  • Quick and easy deposits/withdrawals
  • Free Mobile Apps – to trade anywhere and anytime


  • US traders accepted
  • Good number of tradable assets
  • Various option types offered
  • Excellent customer support
  • Regulation already in process


  • No demo account

Bloombex Options is one of the world leaders in online binary option trading, due to its high standards. I highly skilled staff with a combined experience of over 200 years in the finance sector managed to establish a business and a name in the biggest economic capitals mentioned in the first sentence of this broker review.

Bloombex Options Review – 9 Types of binary options to trade