As a trader, profiting in binary options doesn;t only depends on predicting the right direction of the movement of the asset. You have to benefit from the volatility from the market, but when is the market volatile?

Best Binary Options Trading HoursBest Binary Options Trading Hours

When more than one market is active, you can expect to see a bigger volatility, which is what gives the prices some action in the market. Flat movement of the rates is due to the little volumes that are traded in the world. These moments are called: off-peak hours. Studies have shown that the most active trading hours is during the European session.

Even between days is a difference in trading volume. According to research, Tuesday and Wednesday are the most active trading days of the week. During trading hours that overlap Europe and the United States, Friday is also a high volume trading day.

In the USA, due to closely watched economic data releases, trading picks up at 8:30am EST. The most action will be seen when the monthly non-farm payrolls report is released. This will be on the first Friday of every month. In contrast, during major holidays in the USA and Europe, there are no really volatile moments in the trading days.

Opening Hours Global Markets in GMT

Trading is tough and time-consuming. If you can somehow know what the best time to trade is, then this binary options trading hours article is yours to read. To be honest: you don’t have to be in front of your computer all day. Just a few hours of your time is enough to make some trades, the rest of the day can be spent on our website of course.

In the following figure, created by OptionTime, is shown what the best trading hours are. They are displayed in the GMT timezone.



Best Binary Options Trading Hours
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