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Embattled Dollar Heads for Another Weekly Decline

The US index fell a further 0.28% in Thursday’s session as the prospect of yearly lows becomes a reality.

Not only are infection numbers on the rise in the US, but so is the death toll. As a result, several states, including New York, New Jersey, and California have announced lockdown measures to prevent the spread.

America has also witnessed weak retail data this week along with rising initial jobless claims.

This will cap off a 10% decrease on the index since its yearly high, with the anticipation that this will continue into 2021.

In addition, as a Georgia audit confirmed Biden’s victory in the state, the president-elect has criticized Trump’s irresponsibility as he closes in on the White House.

ECB Chief Tells EU Not to Delay Recovery Funds

The euro closed 0.18% higher yesterday as it once again mounted a challenge for the 1.19 handle.

The European Central Bank on Thursday urged EU leaders to pass a Recovery Fund without delay, as t...

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