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Jobless Claims Give US Economy More to Think About

The US index could not hold onto recent gains as it closed below 93 yesterday.  

Thursday’s gain was short-lived as the US jobless data climbed above 1 million again indicating a slow labor market recovery.

The White House is still embroiled with Nancy Pelosi over talks of another round of coronavirus relief. The chamber convenes this weekend to vote on a bill to extend unemployment benefits.  

As the Democratic National Convention came to an end, Joe Biden officially accepted the Democratic presidential nomination. Biden currently holds a lead in the national polls in both the popular vote and the electoral college count.

Now will be the turn of the Republican party to show America their intentions for the next four years.

Eurozone Under Fire as Further Unemployment Looms

The euro managed to close 0.17% over the dollar on Thursday.

However, this gain was minimal in relation to the current weak dollar with the EURUSD failing to tes...

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