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Amongst the important macro-economic news releases yesterday, the first results came from Australia and had pleasantly surprised the economists, beating their expectations by surging more than triple in June, where 50,900 positions were added compared to the expected 16,7000. This was the highest monthly gain since November last year. The unemployment rate remained at 5.4% as expected, assumed because more people went seeking for a job. It is not expected that the Reserve Bank of Australia will increase the interest rates in the near future due to the labor supply still expanding to meet the demand. It is worth mentioning that the RBA has kept the interest rates on a record low for almost 2 years, at 1.5% and according to Reuters, markets still see a slight chance of increase in the following year. As per the senior economist at securities unit of Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Ryan Felsman, the hourly earnings are slowly increasing, which is seen as a signal of continuing improvement...

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