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apple stocks

Shares in US the giant Apple are trading a little over 1% lower pre-market on Friday. Despite the slight selling seen ahead of the US open today, Apple shares remain only slightly off the all-time highs posted last month. These highs were in response to a bumper Q2 earnings report.

Furthermore, in light of recent headlines this week, it looks like Apple stock is likely to continue rising over the remainder of the year. Consumers are gearing up for another round of new products.

New IPad and IWatch Model Numbers Registered

A series of new Apple Ipad and Watch product numbers have appeared on the Russian customs authority register this week. The Eurasian Economic Union has proven to be a valuable source of information for Apple watchers looking to identify the coming of new products.

We expect the new models to be released between September and October. This will come following the release of the next generation of operating system updates which are due to arrive shortly.

Exciting New Pa...

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