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apple stocks

Shares in US tech giant Apple are broadly flat ahead of the open on Wednesday. This is despite news this week of a pending lawsuit against the company.

Max Schrems Files Against Apple

Consumer rights activist Max Schrems has filed a formal privacy case against the company in Europe. Schrems claims that the ID generated by iPhones allows advertisers to track users and is a violation of privacy regulations.

Schrems recently won a landmark ruling against Facebook which placed restrictions on the company’s data transfers between the EU and US. Screms’ non-profit, privacy group “Noyb” has now filed formal complaints against Apple in Germany and Spain.

Schrems has taken issue with Apple’s IDFA (identifier for advertisers) on iPhones which can be sued by advertisers to track individual user activity and target them with personalized advertising.

Apple claims that the toll enhances user privacy by stopping advertisers from using other means of tracking users. However, Noyb claims that just the...

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