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Stocks Boom Amid Dollar Gloom

The US index closed 0.18% lower on Monday, losing ground for the third consecutive session.

Investors are still trading on a mixed risk setting as the greenback acts as a tug-of-war from record virus infections and the presidential race.

President Trump looks to have somewhat conceded defeat, however, continues his legal fight against the election results.

On the flip side, stocks clinched a fresh round of records yesterday, as alarming Covid-19 rates and hospitalizations were overshadowed by promising vaccine developments.

The Nasdaq and S&P were up by 1%, whilst the Dow was the main winner, closing almost 2% higher.

As another company enters the vaccination race, how many more will come forward by the end of the year?

Another Downturn in the Eurozone

The euro climbed on the back of the weak dollar yesterday, closing 0.10% higher.

This comes despite eurozone concerns that the economy will struggle to stay afloat until a vaccine arrives.

As the winter ...

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