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retail sales

Tomorrow (and over the weekend) we get a fairly broad cross-section of data from around the world.

This data could give us some insight into the real impact the second wave of covid could have on the economy.

October is an interesting month as many countries around the world started to reimpose lockdowns. But, with the experience from earlier in the year, there is a potential for the economic impact to be less.

Even if the number of cases is higher.

Retail outlets already have modified their establishments to slow the spread of the disease, meaning that they don’t have to take time to match new safety requirements.

Many have even transformed their business model to deal with the changing market dynamics (waiters becoming delivery). And many of the lockdown restrictions are taking into account the need to maintain retail sales functionality.

How the Markets are Shaping Up

So, it will be interesting to see how consumers behave under the new lockdowns.

Vaccines will be available to ...

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