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us election

Greenback Fragile on Election Predictions

The dollar index fell by 0.68% on Tuesday as the US went to the polls.

Traders are assessing the risks of yesterday’s vote as Joe Biden is favored to win the presidency, but they also understand that polls tend to be wrong.

Should the early predictions come into fruition, then policymakers are expected to agree on a new stimulus deal after the turbulent election period.

On the flip side, the US indices increased by over 1% as wall street remained positive over a Biden win. This would create an easier path to inject more stimulus into the economy.

The final results could be delayed for some time as postal counting became more apparent due to coronavirus concerns.

Euro Bounces Back

The euro shot past the 1.17 handle yesterday as it closed the session 0.66% up.

Sentiment surrounding the US dollar helped lift the gloom hanging over the euro.

The EURUSD pair was also buoyed over eurozone finance ministers remaining confident on the next seven-year E...

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