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The current AAPL structure shows the development of a bullish trend consisting of primary sub-waves ①-②-③-④-⑤.

Impulse waves ① and ③, and corrective waves ② and ④ are complete.

Wave ④ took the form of an (A)-(B)-(C) zigzag of the intermediate degree. After this wave completed, the formation of wave ⑤ began.

Primary wave ⑤ hints at an impulse structure and could end near 148.10.

At that level, wave ⑤ will be at 61.8% of primary impulse ③.

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An alternative scenario shows that bearish correction wave ④ has not completed.

Prices began to decline after the completion of the corrective minor zigzag (B).

In the intermediate impulse wave (C), prices are expected to depreciate to 89.26.

At that level, wave ④ will be at 61.8% of impulse wave ③.

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