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To trade profitably involves many things and the important one is the ‘mindset’. The mindset of a successful person. You can’t find a profitable trader who doesn’t have that mindset. You need the mental strength to be on this journey without backtracking. This mental strength is not an inborn quality and it can be built with proper training as how you build your physique with regular exercises. It is important to keep both the perspective of your journey and the equity curve, not in a straight line. No success story was built without failures, speed bumps, or mountains to overcome.These failures and obstacles aren’t just part of every success story – they help to define them. Here are five tips to build the required mindset to be successful in the trade. It could be applied for the success in life, too.

#1 “I can be Successful”

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Wetalktrade – I can do this

A mind engulfed with doubt and lack of confidence will only make the situation worse. It lowers the spirit and aff...

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