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‘Earth is a flat square’ — a concept that haunted the mankind for years. But, when Columbus proved that it was a misconception, trades flourished and the world blossomed. It was a revelation and revolution. Likewise, new entrants of the forex market get acquainted with certain false ideas which are either misconceptions or myths. And when you get enlightened, your trades are going to flourish as well. So, here’s your shot at enlightenment.

1. Easy to double the money

It is certainly possible to double your money in many avenues, say business, real estate. In forex trading, it is certainly probable.

Intrigued, why is then a misconception? It is not the ‘double your money’ part; instead, it is the ‘easy’ part, that beckons attention.

Forex trading is like any other domain. You got to learn, garner experience and then build a strategy. Further, you got to develop the mental stamina since the emotions eat you up during the long haul.

So, the part ‘easy’ gets defined w...

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