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Regional Italian Elections

Italian politics has lurched back into the spotlight this week. Ahead of regional elections due over the weekend and into next week, there are fresh concerns for the political situation in the country.

5SM Leader Resigns

Luigi Di Maio, the head of the populist 5 Star Movement announced that he is standing down as the party leader.

5SM, which became known for its anti-establishment message, exploded in popularity over recent years. The party gained the most support in the 2018 elections.

However, following two consecutive coalition governments, the success of the party has visibly waned. Di Maio stated that he feels “an era is coming to an end”.

Regional Italian Elections This Weekend

The northern region of Emilia-Romagna will go to the polls on Sunday.

The expectation is that right-wing nationalists will oust the current center-left leaders there, which have been in place for decades. Such a result would mark a significant shift in voter sentiment. It would also cast jeopardy over the ...

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