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It’s funny, really, that in a world which is spinning ever faster there is also an ever growing desire to feel happy every day. It’s almost as if feeling unhappy, depressed or simply unmotivated are seen as a pathological sickness, whereas those are simply human emotions. We are humans because we are self-conscious and as such we can and have to feel the highs and downs of life. It’s ok to be sad, man.

Life would be one gigantic nightmare if we felt the same every day. Yet, I see a lot of people that try to feel awesome all the time, fired up by motivational Youtube videos or some pseudo-philosophic bullshit their favorite entrepreneurs discharge onto their social media accounts.

We meditate, we work out, we only eat vegetables, we go to bed early, we drink 5 liters of water a day, we read a book before sleeping, we are grateful, we work 16 hours a day, we try to live forever, love ourselves, love everyone…it sounds even worse than Orwell’s 1984.

Guess wha...

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