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For someone who is new to the Forex trade and for someone who has been in this trade for some time, the thought “Why some people make profits continuously while I incur loss frequently?” is sure to strike then and there. The secret is, ‘they too incur loses but accept it in the right spirit and know it is a part of the game’. The important thing is, while maintaining discipline in the losing periods, they never accept under performance and constantly train themselves to play well.

The good news is – you can also be a successful trader who makes good profits. Nobody is a born trader and learning the trade is definitely not rocket science. The traits and characteristics of a good trader can surely be learned.

Many of my profitable students are not trained in any related field of finance, yet they trade well and make money consistently.

Trading profitably is certainly possible for you in spite of your present position in the learning curve. But you have to work at it and likely make a few...

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