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This quarter is going to be quite different than the last one. There is growing confidence that at least economically we’re not going to have a “second wave”, and Q3 will be the quarter for recovery. That means that there are some opportunities in the stock market where we could see some interesting moves.

Some stocks to keep in mind over the next three months:

Aerospace sector: Boeing

It might seem to be an odd time to get involved in the aerospace industry with most flights around the world grounded. Airlines have been hit massively. Warren Buffet took a significant loss for the first time in years and recently got out of his airline holdings. Their recovery is uncertain. This is because it depends on how the number of cases evolve and when politicians decide to lift restrictions. Then whether people want to fly.

But Boeing serves as an interesting proxy because the airline industry will recover, we just don’t know when.

At that point, Boeing stands to gain a ...

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