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3rd quarter highlights

Elliott Wave Analysis & Performance

Elliott Wave as a technical analysis method has been proven to be quite effective during the 3rd quarter of 2018, and Orbex traders were constantly updated on the market’s turns or probabilities.

Further below, a quick recap will be displayed, presenting in bullet-points the previously posted articles, but most importantly the effect of the technical analysis within.


August 9, 2018 – “Trends And Reversals – Patterns And Correlations” 

  • VIX first attempt to commence a spike of volatility.
  • DXY bullish rally, followed by a bearish sequence.
  • XAU/USD & XAG/USD sharp decline with a sustained impulse.
  • WTI start of a bullish sequence.
  • EUR/USD & GBP/USD ending a bearish structure with a decline, then rapidly rising towards a bullish corrective sequence.
  • USD/JPY is preparing a bullish structure, in an impulsive manner.
  • USD/CHF is ending a corrective pattern, then unfolding a big down-trend as the next impulse.
  • AUD/USD impressive bearish impulse st...

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