Make Money In 15 Minutes with 15min Options!

15 minute binary options are a fast and fun way to make a good profit within the world of trading. They are not as hard to predict as some of the shorter lived binary options, like the popular 60 second options, yet they still require a good deal of skill and finesse. 15 minute binary options are offered by most brokers and are fairly straightforward. If you are looking for a quick way to trade with a measured amount of risk, this type of trading is for you.binary options

Brokers that sell 15 minute options: – One of our top brokers with a range of expiry times including 15 minutes.

Any Option, Banc de Binary, and 24 Option all have 15 minute binary options to trade. These usually consist of something that can be chosen from an option with a longer expiration time. For example, an option might open up two hours before it expires, but you can still enter the trade with 15 minutes left before it actually expires. Some of these might even be executable with as few as five minutes left before expiration.

15 minute binary options trading strategy:

Strategy for trading 15 minute options is not as labor intensive as trading the options with shorter life spans. You will need to rely heavily on real time charts and technical analysis tools such as the MACD indicator. This is a good tool because it takes trends into account and lets you more accurately predict how long a price trend will actually last. 15 minute options are still a little too short to try going against the trend, and with the MACD indicator, you can see just where prices are headed and when they are likely to reverse course. Because this is an exponential moving average, current prices will be weighed more heavily, thus giving you a more accurate reading of what the short term price is bound to accomplish. Make sure that you use the MACD indicator with other forms of analysis in order to get the best possible results.

Who should trade 15 minute binary options?

15 minute binary options are still very fast paced, but they are much more accessible to the average trader and not just the sole realm of the day trader. A 15 minute option is much easier to predict than a 60 second or a 5 minute option, thus making them a good choice for experienced traders who want to trade in a fast paced setting. Still, these are not easy to be successful at. If you are new to trading binary options, you don’t have to forego these completely, but you should wait until you are comfortable with binary options. After you reach this point, you can approach the 15 minute option with caution.

Where to trade?

Trading becomes easier with Magnum Option and their top of the line mobile application, standard to all users; enabling traders with the ease and convenience to trade anywhere at any time whilst keeping up to date on the latest in their stats and the market. This first-class Platform is 100% web based and a great trading experience for all levels of traders. Magnum Option provides a wide range and variety of 61 globally underlying assets for their users to trade on:

  • 22 stocks,
  • 7 commodities,
  • 9 currency pairs,
  • 23 indices

The expiry times for most assets are hourly, daily, weekly and even monthly! This convenient range of timings is one of the best features we liked about this broker.

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15 Minute Binary Options
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