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China Carries Out Mass Testing

Many of the recent headlines relating to COVID-19 have been positive. They’ve highlighted the promising work going on with vaccine development as well as the continued relaxing of social and economic lockdown measures.

However, there are still some more worrying reports that traders should be aware of.

Over the last 12 days, China has tested around 7 million people in Wuhan, the city in Hubei province where the virus reportedly originated.

In a panic, the Chinese government launched testing following the emergence of fresh cases of the virus. These prompted fears that a deadly second wave could be underway.

New Infections Increasing

According to the data released by the local health commission in China, of the 6.68 million people tested, 206 were found to be asymptomatic carriers of the disease.

The testing began on May 12 as the number of new infections increased for the first time since the lockdown ended in April.

China has been particularly aggr...

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